Terminal Breakout Board, 50-pin
Terminal Breakout Board, 50-pin
Terminal Breakout Board, 50-pin

Terminal Breakout Board, 50-pin

Part Number: AES50-IDC-RA
Quantity Price each
1 to 9 $75.00
10 to 49 (*) please call

Note: we build this at time of order.  If you require a different J1 connector or want something special drop us an email and will help.

Application uses

  • Ribbon cable to wire interface
  • Signal breakout and probing
  • Prototyping platform
  • PC/104 stackable
  • Low volume production customization options available

Detailed features

  • Mechanical Mounting Options: PC/104 Stack or stand alone via four spacers. 
  • Prototyping Region: Use to qualify any additional front-end electronics you might need.
  • Signals Labeled Clearly: Don’t have to reference any documentation.
  • Signal access: Additional signal access is available by plated through holes clearly labeled on the board. These holes are sufficiently large to accept scope probes, wires or component leads for use within the prototyping region.
  • Long-Term Product Availability. Apex Embedded Systems is committed to delivering long life cycle products.
  • Designed for operation in harsh environments. All components and materials used in our products are designed to operate in the extended and/or mil-spec temperature range, under high shock and vibration.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C.
  • Designed and assembled in Wisconsin by Apex Embedded Systems. We will do whatever we can to assist you in designing in our products.