COTS CCA refresh and OEM production solutions

Apex Embedded Systems LLC has experience assisting OEMs in migrating soon to be obsolete or obsoleted commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) circuit card assemblies (CCA) to current technology and extending system life.  We are producing refreshed CCAs to several customers. 

Systems we have provided updates contain some of the following bus interfaces:

  • PCI
  • PC/104
  • ISA bus (IEEE P996)
  • STD-bus
  • printer port (IEEE1284)
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 and any serial related
  • other proprietary parallel bus structures

We preserve existing I/O and bus interface and refresh the CCA to current technology.

We can be your second source option to improve availability within the supply chain.

We have also taken old multi-card systems and merged to a single card solution, thus maintaining overall system functionality and reducing costs.  We have provided super-set functionality while still maintaining legacy interfaces.  Our standard STX104 card is a great example of multiple card integration along side super-set functionality.

If you are an OEM wanting to update CCAs to extend system life we can help.