PC104 Digital I/O Modules in Stock. Need digital I/O with additional custom features, we can help.

Replacing Your Unobtainium with Awesome

Are you experiencing pain with an unobtainium circuit board assembly?

Everything we do at Apex Embedded Systems we believe in long product life cycles. We updated our PC104 Tracer digital I/O and our STX104 analog input cards to significantly extend production life cycle. We have helped customers create drop-in replacements either by modification of our existing product or rolling out refreshed product.

We recently helped a customer with a drop-in replacement for a DAS16j/12 by modifying our STX104 firmware. Our STX104 is compatible with nine different cards!

We helped an aerospace customer with a drop-in replacement for an obsolete digital I/O card. The product is fully tin mitigated for elimination of tin whiskers under harsh environmental conditions.

We supply both digital and analog I/O worldwide and built right here in Wisconsin. Our products are in stock. You can order at our website any time or give us a call.

How can we help solve your pain? Call us and you can speak directly with one of our engineers.

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email: customer.service@apexembeddedsystems.com


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