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Standard Product Modifications

Here is a short list of a few of the standard product modifications that we have provided to customers.   Product modification solves several problems including keeping new development costs down, mitigating obsolescence and meeting new requirements that did not previously exist.  We have provided this service from quantity one and up.  Any specials are maintained specific to each customer.


Example Tracer digital I/O module customization:

  • Seven segment multi-character display interface
  • Auto keypad scanning
  • Monochrome LCD panel drive using existing on-board memory


Example STX104 analog I/O module customization:

  • Drop-in for a DAS16jr/12
  • High performance analog output slewing for laser drive positioners
  • Quadrature encoder input with special analog accumulators
  • PPS pulse accumulators


Example Summit analog output module customization:

  • Special high capacitive load drivers for the analog outputs to drive long cables