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We have been shipping PC/104 and custom products for over 20 years!

PC/104 Analog Input and Data Acquisition
Analog Output
PC/104 Digital Input/Output

About Us

For over 20 years we have been help customers solve problems.   In 2003 we began shipping PC/104 products and have continued to do so in a variety of markets including aerospace, industrial, military and research.

Our custom engineering services we have delivered a wide variety of board level solutions including temperature controls, electron microscope beam positioning, gas analyzers, ion beam controls, test fixturing, satellite beacon detection, antenna position measurements, biomedical, high speed oversampling for superconducting TDCs, water analysis and data logging.

Extending COTS life cycles

Second sourcing and obsolete assembly refresh.

Extending system production life cycles and mitigating software re-qualification.

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Hardware Refresh

A client came to us with an obsolete DAS16jr/12 that was no longer available.   We delivered an STX104 with a DAS16jr/12 compatibility mode.  The client was able to avoid a rewrite of software and extend their products production life cycle.

STX104 DAS16jr/12 Compatibility Added

A client came to us with an obsolete Octagon Model 2656 PC/104 high density digital I/O card. We provided a new drop-in replacement to greatly extend the production life cycle and minimize system re-qualification.

PC/104 Drop-in Replacement

A client had an obsolete LPM-OPTO48 STD Bus Opto-Isolated Input board.   Since STD Bus is very old, we discussed possibility of migrating to new technology, but with extensive systems around this card and the fact that STD Bus works very well in their application, the decision was made to deliver a drop-in replacement for their a mission critical system. This refresh avoided significant software rewrite and avoided extensive re-qualification of their system.


STD Bus Drop-in Replacement