STX104-ND now in stock, get yours today!

We have been shipping PC/104 product for over 15 years!

PC/104 Analog Input and Data Acquisition
Analog Output
PC/104 Digital Input/Output

About Us

We are committed to serving our clients and providing long life products. We are experienced in increasing the integrity and lifespan of our products through tin mitigation as well as AS9102B first article inspections.

We will work with you to modify hardware or firmware to fit your custom needs. We have helped many clients upgrade their legacy systems with new technology preserving overall system behavior and keeping re-qualification costs to a minimum.

A Big THANK YOU to all of our existing clients for your patronage and support over these last 15 years!

Extending COTS life cycles

Second sourcing and obsolete assembly refreshing

to greatly extend system production life cycles

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