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Digital I/O to compact flash interface, application of our new 2mm to 0.1 inch Adapter Board

Do you ever run into situations where you are trying to adapt a 0.1 inch header to a 2 mm header?   Do you run into situations where you need to translate one interface to another interface?

In this very brief application note we will demonstrate how to transition a standard i8255 digital I/O card (our Tracer 48-digital I/O Module) to a compact flash interface using our Highly Flexible Adapter Interface Module.  The problem involves transitioning from a 0.1 inch header connector to a 2 mm connector and re-arrangement of the signals to get the proper signal routing.

The image below illustrates the basic setup from left to right:  compact flash connector, the adapter board, and the Tracer board.

The next image illustrates ribbon connections and the re-arrangement of signals via the jumper wires and jumper shunts placed onto the Highly Flexible Adapter Interface Module

Finally, the third image illustrates that in a PC/104 setup one can provide a stacking solution with the Highly Flexible Adapter Interface Module.   The PC/104 pass-thru connectors are optional, all depending on your specific requirements.



Using the Highly Flexible Adapter Interface Module we can translate from one interface to another.  We can translate between 0.1 inch header to 2mm headers and we can re-arrange connections as required to adapt. 

Note that another interesting twist in this particular setup is that using our Tracer Digital I/O Module one can also provide either 3.3V or 5V voltage translation for the bus or interface we are adapting to.

We can provide the Highly Flexible Adapter Interface Module in kit form so that you can stuff the connectors to meet your exact special requirements. 


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