PC104 Digital I/O Modules in Stock. Need digital I/O with additional custom features, we can help.

High Resolution Analog Input

This is a showcase illustrating some of the 24-bit high resolution cards we have built for customers over the last 20 years.   We can create almost any mix of features.  Send us your specifications and we can quickly quote out a solution. 




STD bus 16-channel 24-bit isolated analog inputs with input ranges +/-10V and +/-50V.  All channels individually isolated!  In this case we are using the 24-bit A/Ds to deliver a 16-bit noise free value.









A single zone temperature controller with 24-bit A/D front-end for the temperature sensor.  It accepts 12 to 30 VDC for power and delivers calibrated temperature data on a 7-segment display.  Temperature control and setpoint are set via the four buttons.  All software written in C for 8051 target.





This board contains an isolated 24-bit A/D with up to 8-channel single-ended or 4-channel differential channels.  All channels can be configured to support external sensor biasing and can be configured for ratiometric measurements.  There is also a mix of power electronics with additional A/Ds on the board.




PC/104 card with Isolated 8/16-channel 24-bit analog inputs.  It also has programmable current outputs for sensor biasing.




This PC/104 module is a complete PC CPU plus 24-bit A/D inputs.  4-channels of analog inputs that feature auto conversion/calibration where all new analog values are computed and scaled in a special floating point processor found within the FPGA.  The board also contains an onboard temperature sensor.




This board has a 24-bit A/D and all inputs accept +/-10V input with conversion precision to about 10ppm.  This uses switch capacitor circuits to achieve the voltage translation and is intended for DC inputs.  This board was intended for use in water quality monitoring. The only photo we have is of our original prototype.


This board is one 24-bit analog input with +/-10V inputs along with significant filtering used in a weigh scale application.  The digital section is an AMD x86 processor with serial interface to the outside world.  The can housing is in place to keep noise out of the analog section.  Application code written in C for 186 target.


We can create almost any mix of features.  Send us your specifications and we can quickly quote out a solution.