Everything we do we believe in long product life. We do this with great attention to detail. We engineer great solutions for our customers and we just happen to make PC/104 modules too. Contact us at customer.service@apexembeddedsystems.com

Software Engineering

Applications / Libraries Created

  • Cubic spline calibration
  • Linear interpolation calibration tables
  • FIR filters
  • IIR filters
  • Serial/network protocols and communications
  • Modbus
  • C Safe strings replacing legacy libraries
  • Temperature controls for plastic molding
  • Gas absorption signal analysis
  • PC/104 product libraries
  • Sensors: thermocouple, thermistor, pressure, vacuum, gas
  • Recipe files
  • Data logging
  • Internet data communications and data delivery
  • PID and other closed loop controllers
  • Linux kernel drivers
  • Flash storage management
  • Auto-code generators


User Interfaces

  • Multi-zone temperature controller (Windows and DOS)
  • Test Beds
  • Simple demonstration applications for our PC/104 product line


Embedded Components

  • FreeRTOS
  • LWIP  TCP/IP stacks
  • ARM Cortex-M0, ARM Cortex-M4, PicoBlaze (Xilinx), Mico8 (Lattice), 8051, PIC18, PIC17, x86, TMS320C50/C54, Z80, 6800, 6502, 1802.
  • PEG GUI tools


Embedded Tools

  • NXP MCUExpresso and Freescale Kinetis. 
    • Focusing on the Kinetis family of Arm Cortex-M0 and ARM Cortex-M4 processors.  KL03, K6xF, K2x families.
  • Eclipse
  • IAR ARM Compiler
  • IAR Visual State
  • Microchip MPLAB X IDE
  • GNAT for Ada
  • Older tools, only for maintenance
    • ROMDOS by Datalight and Microsoft


  • C / C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • Power Basic
  • TCL
  • Lua
  • Ada2012