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Application Notes

Apex Universal Library Demo Illustrating Open and Close of a Device

The purpose of this tutorial is a simple walk through initializing and terminating the library. We are assuming the kernel module has already been ...

STX104 1.25V Differential Common-Mode Test Using Two Analog Outputs

STX104 1.25V differential analog input results at a variety of common mode inputs.
The purpose of this test is to understand the common mode behavior of the STX104 +/-1.25V analog differential input range. The analog outputs are w...

Apex Universal Library and Kernel Module Reporting Information

In this discussion we will go over the lib_report demo application which will provide significant detail regarding the library and kernel module as...

Apex Universal Library Kernel Module Installation

Apex Universal Library Kernel Module Installation application note illustrates how to install the Apex Kernel module for STX104 and Tracer hardware devices.